Matrixy, the Alive Patent Map

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Public Projects
Project Name Description Link
SiC SiC 活的專利地圖 View
LNMO LNMO 主要授權廠商 View
鋰電池 有關於新的鋰電池技術之專利佈局狀況;尤其針對電動車的鋰電池之相關專利之專利矩陣 View
GaN on Claims in 90 days to 20210221 New patents in 90 days tile 20210221(found 1563 ) View
ROBERT BOSCH Patent published in 90 days to 20210221 View
ASML 2021 Feb last patent publications 335 patent published in 90 days, from 20210219. View
Tesla ALIVE PATENT MAP of Tesla View
H01L21半導體-20210128 IPC H01L21 20210128 半導體類,No1 App. TSMC 90D內的專利共19417筆 TSMC patent matrix, TSMC patent map, TSMC matrixy View
Micro-LED SPEC:(micro AND LED) AND F21Y G09G H01L H01L33 View
智慧診療之產業專利分析 分析全球近年資專利至2020.01年,有關智慧醫療。 View
智慧醫療專利趨勢分析 分析全球近年資專利至2020.01年,有關智慧醫療。 View
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